Searchbox/Text Link Demo

You can apply these same steps for the JobLookup Text Link.


Step One

Here's how your site might look without the Searchbox plugin.

Sample 1 - step 1

Sample 2 - step 1


Step Two

Head to your JobLookup Publisher Dashboard, and choose the Searchbox option in the left-hand menu. Choose the theme you prefer then copy the code in the box.

Sample 1 - step 2

Sample 2 - step 2


Step Three

Add the code to your website to the relevant place in your site admin area, and your custom Searchbox will be ready to go.

Sample 1 - step 3

Sample 2 - step 3


Try Our Other Publishing Tools:


The JobLookup Jobbox is the perfect middle ground between customisation and easy integration. The Jobbox comes as a WordPress plug-in, so you can get up and running in no time, while still having plentiful customisation options to match your site's theme and design.


For those of you who want complete customisation, the JobLookup FeedAPI package gives you total control. Adjust every element to your heart's content, and get detailed reporting on your earnings.

Searchbox/Text Link

Alternatively, the JobLookup Searchbox publishing tool gives your users excellent functionality in a compact package, and you can choose from three designs. You can also try the JobLookup Text Link tool if you're after a super fast, easy to implement option.

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