The Importance of Workplace Culture Revealed

Careers, Companies, News / 17 July 2019

‘Workplace culture’ is one of those terms that gets thrown around an increasing amount, especially as more and more research points towards the benefits of employee autonomy in terms of remote working, and agile workspaces. Recent research however, suggests that workplace culture itself is increasingly important for both employers and employees.
The Importance of Workplace Culture Revealed


  Culture Beats Salary

The research found that overall, British workers prioritise workplace culture over salary. In what could be seen as quite an unexpected result, three in five of the surveyed workers said that workplace culture, and company values, were much more important to their job satisfaction than salary alone. Three quarters also said they consider the company’s mission and goals before applying for a job.

While this trend was true for the majority of British workers as a whole, there was an even stronger preference for workplace culture among the younger workforce. Around two in three millennials cited workplace culture as being especially important to them when it comes to job satisfaction.

This trend isn’t unique to the UK either. The study found that the general preference for culture over earnings extended to employees in France, the US, Germany, and Canada as well.


  Other Factors for Job Satisfaction

While culture and values top the list of the surveyed respondents, there are a number of other factors that are important to UK employees. Senior leadership was a close second, followed by career opportunities, and overall job satisfaction.

Combined, these areas also influence how likely employees are to stay with a company. During a time when the UK employment sector is facing a huge skills shortage, this information is certain to be valuable to employers.


  What it Means for Employers

Retaining skilled staff is currently crucial for employers, and this research gives companies and recruiters a valuable insight into what staff are looking for from a job. Jobseekers are almost 70% more likely to apply to a company that shares similar values, so investing time and thought into company culture has very tangible benefits.

The overall mission of an organisation is also extremely important to applicants these days. Not only do nine out of ten of the survey respondents think that having a clear set of goals and company mission is important for any potential employer, 77% said they would consider that mission before applying for a job.

In terms of staff retention, just over half of working British adults said that workplace culture is the main reason for staying in their role. Additionally, they also stated that if the culture changed for the worse, this would be a key factor in deciding to look for another job.

  What it Means for Jobseekers

No one wants to work in a negative environment where they feel undervalued, even if the salary is high, as this research demonstrates. For current jobseekers, these results could signify an interesting shift from employers, and could lead to more options when it comes to finding the right jobs.

While many companies already have a strong focus on workplace culture, this could now increase. WIth more focus on creating a welcoming and positive environment in a competitive hiring market, jobseekers could be in an ideal position. Not only could they be able to cherry pick roles and companies; They’ll also have a strong negotiating position when it comes to salary.

All in all, the findings of this research could have a positive long term impact for both employers and jobseekers.

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