How to Use JobLookup’s Advanced Search Function

Sometimes a standard search might not give you the results you’re looking for. Maybe you want to find sales jobs, but only for the IT sector, or you’re looking for warehouse work as a temp, so don’t want to sift through loads of full time positions.

Fear not – our advanced search tool enables you to fine tune your job hunt so you get precise results based on your filters and preferences. Use this along with our Ultimate Jobseeker Guide to give yourself the best chance of finding the role you deserve.


Advanced Search Layout

When you open our advanced search tool, you’ll be presented with a screen like this:


The JobLookup advanced search page


Let’s go through each function, and what it means, step by step. Additionally, it’s worth keeping in mind that some of this functionality extends to the email alert system (read our guide on setting up advanced email alerts to learn more).


  All These Words

This is where you should put the main keywords you want to search by – ‘IT sales manager’, for example. You can also add location here as well if you like. There are more detailed options for your search location below as well.



Here, you can filter how accurate you want your search to be based on the keywords you’ve entered above. It’s set at 100% by default, which means if you run a search JobLookup will return results that contain all of these words. As you lower the percentages, you’ll see slightly broader results.



This section filters your result based on how many times your chosen keywords appear in a job post. The default setting of ‘anywhere in the job description’ will give you the most results. If you want to search for a specific job title however, like ‘Class I HGV Driver’, then you can choose to limit the search so it only picks up keywords after 3 words in. This is ideal for limiting your search to job titles alone.


  Exact Word or Phrase


This is perfect for searching for specialised roles. Here, you can add industry specific keywords, tools, or phrases that could drastically narrow down your results. Let’s suppose, for example, you’re looking for C++ developer jobs. Adding C++ to this section will ensure you get the most relevant results. It can also be very useful if you work in a sector that has a lot of industry specific terminology. It can also be a good option if you’re searching for roles in a specific company.


  Any of These Words

You can add additional keywords in this box, and they’ll be added to your search terms. This is a good way to widen your search if you’re not seeing what you want from standard results. Continuing with our software developer example, let’s say you want to find developer jobs that cover C++, Linux, and Microsoft. If you add them here, you’ll get search results that include all these words.


An example of the JobLookup advanced search results using keywords


  None of These Words

The exact opposite of the above option, any words you put in this field will be explicitly excluded from any search you run. This is useful if you’re looking for IT jobs, but only want managerial positions and not anything else. Add in keywords like ‘support’ and ‘sales’, and these kinds of roles won’t show up in your search results.



You might want to search for all carpentry jobs within a 50 mile radius of Basingstoke perhaps, or all train driver jobs within 20 miles of London. Here, you can decide how far the search function will look for results from your specified location.



Add the area that you want to search for jobs in here.


  Job Type

Here you can specify the kind of role you’re looking for – full time, part time, temporary, and so on.


  Salary Type

Are you looking for an hourly rate, or monthly pay? You can choose here from the drop down menu.


  Salary Slider

Underneath the job and salary type boxes, you’ll find the salary slider bar. You can simply click on this and drag it to the salary range you’re looking for.


Once you’ve added in the parameters for your search, all you need to do is hit ‘search jobs’, and browse your results. Don’t forget to register with us too, if you haven’t already.

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