How to Setup Advanced Email Alerts

We’re not a fan of spam at JobLookup. The last thing we want to do is send job alert emails that aren’t relevant to you. If you’ve noticed that you’re getting job alerts that don’t seem as useful as you’d like, or want to set up more advanced email alerts, this guide is here to help.

You might well have already checked the email alert FAQ, which covers the basics of job alerts, but here we’ll look at how to set up multiple alerts while making sure they’re as tailored to your job search as possible. Use this, along with our Ultimate Jobseeker Guide, and your job search will be optimised and as hassle free as possible.


Job Alerts Layout

Let’s start by logging in to your JobLookup account. On the left-hand side of the screen, click on the second button down in the account area, labelled Job Alerts. You’ll be taken to this screen:


JobLookup's job alert email settings


You’ve probably got at least one alert set up so far. Click on improve, and you’ll see a screen like this:


The 'edit job alert' screen that jobseekers can access in their account area


If you’re looking for administration jobs, then this is what you’ve probably put into the keyword box here. Check to make sure you’ve also specified a location, as this is a common cause of irrelevant alerts – if you haven’t put a location here, you’ll get emailed alerts about all administration jobs in the UK.


Additional Location Information

To make sure you get more focused results, you can adjust the maximum distance you want the alerts to search for jobs for you. A smaller distance or exact location setting will generally mean you’ll receive fewer jobs per alert, but they’ll be much more relevant.


Salary Range

Using this slider can affect the alerts receive as well. Make sure you’ve got this set where you want it (you simply have to drag the bar with your mouse to adjust salary range), and you’ll get more specific alerts.


Setting Up Multiple Alerts

If you’re searching for more than one kind of job title, or are looking for opportunities across a few different sectors, then you can set up an alert for each one individually by clicking on the Create New Alert button.

This way you can set as many alerts as you like quickly in different roles.


Setting Up Alerts with Multiple Keywords

Some job titles can be quite long – if you’re looking for Sales Operations Manager roles, for example, then sales alone in the keywords isn’t going to get the results you want. You can set up alerts for long titles like this easily, however. Simply add all the keywords you want your alert to search for without any commas, eg: Sales Operations Manager, and click save.


Setting Up Alerts with Exact Keywords

To locate roles using their exact job titles and nothing else, you can use quotation marks when setting up your alert. If you put ‘Finance Administrator’ in quotation marks, then your alerts will only feature jobs that have finance and administrator next to each other. This helps to fine-tune your job search by specific job title.


Setting up Alerts to Exclude Keywords

This feature is perfect if you feel like a lot of your notifications aren’t as relevant to your job search as they could be. To make sure your notifications ignore any keywords you don’t want, click on the Exclude option and type keywords that you don’t want, make sure to add a , symbol (comma) between them, e.g: sales manager, sales assistant.


So there you have it – if you make use of all the features available, our alert system should only deliver the most applicable jobs to you, at the frequency you choose. If you’re still having any problems with your alerts, or have any additional questions, make sure to get in touch with us, and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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