Three Ways to Optimise Your Online Job Posting

Employer, Guides, Jobposting / 14 October 2020

Can you imagine a job search without the internet? Probably not, and there’s good reason for that. It’s estimated that almost 70% of jobseekers use the internet for job hunting at some point. While the exact figures can vary based on age group, it’s pretty clear that for most of us, an online job search is the first port of call when we’re looking for new opportunities. According to most research, job boards are still the generally preferred method by jobseekers, with around 60% using job boards to find their next opportunity. This is no secret of course, and it’s the reason almost every recruiter and company post job ads online as standard process these days.

Three Ways to Optimise Your Online Job Posting


This also means it’s a highly competitive marketplace for recruiters. Having a solid online strategy, then, is fundamental to finding the right candidates. It’s also crucial to a wider recruitment strategy, like the one suggested in the JobLookup Ultimate Hiring Guide. Below, we’ll look at some key ways to maximise the value of your jobs ads and help ensure they get the reach you need to find your ideal applicants.


Consider Your Job Ad Content

It all starts with the job ad. There are many different possible approaches to formatting and writing a job post, and each have their own merits and drawbacks. The main thing to remember is this: quality goes a long way. Given poor job ad quality is a common complaint from many jobseekers, you’ll instantly increase your chances of engaging the right candidate by considering the quality of your ad.

Breaking up content into readable passages, using bullet points, explaining work benefits – there is a place for all these aspects, as long as they are clear, concise, and informative. A wall of unformatted text is, on the other hand, almost guaranteed to get ignored. If you need some tips on putting together a good job advert, have a read of our job advert engagement guide, and how to jettison job post jargon from your ads.


Make the Most of Marketing Potential

It’s important to note that job boards offer a variety of other opportunities for savvy recruiters that aren’t limited to job posts alone. Pretty much every job board in the UK these days offers company profiles, and these are a great way of raising some free marketing for your agency or organisation.

Making sure your profile is fully up to date, complete with on-brand images, social links, and contact details is certainly worth it. It can increase the chances that candidates will find you on their own when job seeking, especially when looking for roles in areas or sectors that you may specialise in.

Given that most job boards have a posting fee (although here at JobLookup we offer free basic job posting), taking the time to create a good profile makes sure you’re getting the most out of your advertising package.


Increase Reach With ATS and Social

Using an Applicant Tracking System will increase the reach of your job posts massively by enabling you to post the same ad across multiple job boards and platforms. Not only that, many ATS suites also offer handy tools like CV parsing (time-saving yes, but be careful about over-reliance on CV parsing as they’re not infallible). It’s also worth noting that you can save further time posting through JobLookup as there’s no need to register or sign up – you can simply link your ATS and get posting straight away.

When using an ATS, it can also be beneficial to regularly check what sites you’re posting to. Can you make any tweaks to get better results by trying a different combination of boards, for example? Overall, generalist boards are always a safe bet, but throwing specialist job boards into the mix where applicable can help ensure your open roles are visible to the best quality candidates wherever they might be job hunting.

If you’re using a job board that isn’t supported by your current ATS and you plan on using it a lot in the future, it’s worth sending a quick integration request to your ATS provider. You can find out more about linking an ATS with JobLookup in our FAQ.

Getting your job ads into the social media sphere is another tried and tested way of increasing engagement and applications. That said, you need often need to take a more targeted approach when sharing jobs on social media platforms.

You can, however, use this to your advantage. Hashtags, Facebook groups and Subreddits all offer excellent potential when it comes to marketing your available roles directly to your ideal applicants. There are also some very helpful tools and services out there, like Paiger, that can automate this to some extent. These can be a real benefit if you’re doing a dedicated social media campaign with multiple job ads.

If you’re after more useful tips and recruitment advice, or just general industry news, make sure to read through our employer blog section too.

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