How to Use JobLookup’s CV Wizard

Writing and designing your CV can be time consuming. As well as thinking about what to include, you need to think about how to best present it. We’re all not all expert designers and marketing moguls, which means you can spend hours racking your brain, making endless edits that may or may not make a difference.

We know these challenges all too well at JobLookup, which is why we created our simple but powerful CV Wizard – you can add your information quickly, choose from a number of themes and layouts, and download the finished product as a PDF, as well as add it to your JobLookup account. If you’re in the process of a new job search, then make sure to check out our Ultimate Jobseeker Guide as well – it’s packed with useful info on how to structure your job hunt to get the best results.

Now, onto the CV Wizard:

CV Wizard Layout

First things first, lets get familiar with the layout. When you open the CV Wizard, you’ll see this screen:

The JobLookup CV Wizard screen as it appears when first opened


The left hand panel is where you can save and download your CV, enter all of your required information, and choose the theme and design. You can click on the orange Personal Information bar to change the kind of information you want to enter (employment, education, and so on). Below this bar, you’ll see two tabs:

  • The Editor tab is where you enter text and information.
  • The Theme tab allows you to choose from a number of different themes and designs for your CV.


Entering Your Information

Now you’re familiar with the basics, you can start filling in your information (don’t forget to check our guide on creating a winning CV as well as how to make your CV more searchable, to really stand out from the crowd). The CV Wizard will always default to Personal Information when you load it up, but you can change to a different section of your CV at any time by clicking on the orange button to reveal a drop down menu


The JobLookup CV Wizard main dropdown menu and the options contained within


As you add your information, you’ll see it appear in the right hand side of the screen. Exactly where will depend on the theme you’ve chosen (more on this later). Let’s go through each section step by step.


  Personal Information: This one is pretty self explanatory. Enter your name, contact details and location here. You can also add some additional information about yourself, as well as your website address if you have one.


  Social: Add the links to your social media here. Add the name of the network, your username or id, and the url to your page. If you’ve got a few profiles and you want to add more, just click on the green Add button at the bottom of the form. You can delete any additional boxes you don’t want by clicking on the X in the top right corner of each box.


  Work Experience: This is where to add your previous work experience. You can also add as many highlight as you like (salesperson of the month, project lead on X project, and so on). Click the Add button to add another role, and click the green + icon to add additional highlights to each role.


  Skills: Here you can enter your employment related skills, as well as the level of your skill. You can also add keywords and can add as many as you like using the green + icon. Click on the green Add button to bring up another skill template.


  Languages: If you can speak any other languages, this is where to add them. Click on the green + to add more languages, and the X to remove added languages.


  Interests: You can add your interests and hobbies here, as well as adding additional keywords. You can include or remove additional interests by using the green + and X buttons respectively.


  References: Input the names and contact details of your references here. You can add more references using the green Add button.


  Volunteering: If you’ve ever done any charity work or volunteering in any capacity, this is where to mention it. You can enter the details of any organisations you’ve volunteered for, as well as mention additional duties or achievements in the ‘highlights’ section.


  Education: This section is where you can add all of your education details, including any extra business or training courses you might have completed. You can add as many extra courses or institutions as you need using the green + button.


  Awards: If you’ve ever won any employment or educational awards, this is the place to add them.


Changing Themes

Now you’ve got all the essential information in place, you can quickly and easily customise the look of your CV. Just click on the ‘Theme’ tab, and choose from the range of different styles. You can do this anytime during the creation process, and you won’t lose any previously entered information. Check back every now and then, as new themes might be available.


The JobLookup theme dropdown menu that lets users change the look of their CV


Saving and Downloading Your CV

You can save your CV any time by clicking on the blue ‘Save’ icon. If you’re already registered with JobLookup, then you can find your saved CVs by clikcing on ‘Manage CVs’ when logged into your account. You can create and save a CV even when not logged in too. Save the CV, and next time you log in, it should appear under ‘Manage CVs’. Do note that you’ll need to create the CV and login to your account using the same device in this case.

You can also download any created CVs. To do this, simply click on the black download icon near the theme button. CVs from our CV Wizard always download in PDF format.


Get Job Hunting!

Now you know how to use our super fast CV Wizard, make sure to register with us if you haven’t already. This way your stored CVs can be used to apply for jobs quickly, and your saved CV will also be searchable for recruiters and employers that use our site to post jobs. Good luck!

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