Companies with the Largest Gender Pay Gaps Exposed

Careers, Companies, News / 06 April 2018

Over the last decade, the pay gap between men and women has decreased consistently, especially in countries like the UK. While this progress can certainly be seen as a positive, the unfortunate truth is that in most cases, men still earn more than women on average. There’s still much more to be done as a result.Recently, all UK companies with more than 250 employees were required to submit hourly wage data for men and women, and the results were less than stellar for some companies. Having said that, it’s not always a simple case of deliberate discrimination – the nature of some businesses has skewed the results for some organisations. Here’s a run-down of the five with the largest pay gaps in the country.

Companies with the Largest Gender Pay Gaps Exposed


Boux Avenue

It’s ironic that a lingerie company should top the list, perhaps. According to the data submitted by the organisation, women earn on average 75.7% less per hour than men. While this percentage does initially seem extremely damning, there are a few important factors to consider.

Firstly, Boux Avenue is a fashion retail business. This means that the majority of staff work on shop floors, with most of the shop floor workers being female. As a result, even a small amount of men working at head office can then significantly affect these figures to make the pay difference seem much more severe than it is. This is quite a common occurrence for fashion retailers in fact, with Sweaty Beatty being a good example – 99% of the staff are women, but there’s a pay gap of 68%.



Apple reported that 71% of the top earning employees were male. It is worth pointing out that Apple actually submits these earnings reports as three separate business entities, and that the wage gaps are different for each one individually (although men still earn more across them all).

The pay gap at Apple UK, for example, is a lot less at 24%, and even smaller at Apple Retail (5%). It’s also important to note that Apple only has a median pay gap of around 10%, compared to the UK average of 18%, so generally speaking the company seems to be more progressive than many others. They also ensure that everyone, regardless of gender, is 100% eligible for bonus pay.


Rynair aren’t ones to shy away from controversy, whatever form it takes. This time around, it’s the pay gap. The budget airline might be third on this particular list, but it’s the top airline for gender pay differences, with a gap of 72%. That said, bonus differences were only 3%, and the airline has stated that the figures are likely due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of pilots are male, with cabin crew being predominantly women. Furthermore, cabin crew are paid the same basic salary, regardless of gender.

Ryanair has also stated that more women are registering an interest in becoming pilots, and that they fully support this trend. The company also pointed out that a lot of its staff are based in Ireland, outside the remit of the UK study. It is worth noting that the airline does have something of a spotty history with employment conditions in general though.

Macquarie Group

Macquarie Group is one of the leading investment banking companies in the world, and the largest when it comes to investment management. In light of this success, it must be quite disappointing for them to reveal that women are paid 60% less per hour than their male counterparts. To make matters even worse, the company reported that the bonus gap is just over 80%. Additionally, the organisation is uneven at the top end, with around 90% of the best jobs taken by men. Women,by contrast, occupy almost 60% of the lowest paid roles in the company.

The organisation has managed to increase the number of women working in it’s EMEA division by almost 10% in recent years, but clearly has work to do when it comes to offering more equal pay and opportunities.


JP Morgan

The investment bank has the largest pay gap in the banking world, with a median gap of 54%. The company has said, however, that the real percentage is much lower due to the fact that a number of its UK businesses have less than the 250 employees required for the gender pay gap submission. If these are taken into account, then JP Morgan becomes one of the more equal banks in the industry with a gap of around 26%.

EIther way, the fact remains that almost 80% of the highest paid jobs in the company belong to men.

Some other companies to make the list were the Telegraph Media Group, which pays women 35% less than men, and Sussex Learning Trust, where women earn just over 60% less than their male co workers.

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