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Forensic Accountant

  • £65,400 - £65,500
  • 2 weeks ago

Job Description

The successful candidate will be responsible for:

Working on individual investigations into misconduct/ breaches of relevant requirements by fellow professional accountants, audit firms or actuaries. Determining the avenues of enquiry; using expertise to identify sources of evidence and requesting provision of documentation and information. Undertaking significant or complex areas of an investigation. Identifying and working with internal experts to clarify relevant accounting, audit, actuarial or professional standards. Using forensic skills to determine the approach to the review and analysis of all material obtained Preparing and conducting disciplinary interviews with subject partners and external lawyers. Preparation of an objective report of investigation findings Agreeing and meeting deadlines for investigation work

The Successful Applicant

Qualified accountant with an expertise in forensic investigation. Expertise in managing complex financial investigations involving high volumes of material. Significant expertise in investigating complex financial data. Skilled in planning and conducting technical interviews of senior individuals. Significant skill (written and oral) in communicating the results of investigation to a non-accounting audience. Solid understanding of the requirements of a regulatory disciplinary process. Understanding of audit.

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