Who We Are

Who We Are


We believe in transparency, quality, and integrity. It’s why our users and partners trust us. Our algorithms and highly customisable user preferences ensure that every job alert we send is matched to the right candidates, for better value clicks and more applications.



We're focused on building lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships. We work hard to make sure our clients and partners integrate with us seamlessly. Tracking performance and earnings is simple thanks to our dedicated custom dashboards with detailed analytics.



Whether it's creating an easy to use CV wizard for jobseekers, or a comprehensive publisher program for websites of any size, our team are always aiming to break creative and technical boundaries. Contact us to find out more about our tools and solutions.



We already work with a number of market leaders, and we're not content to stop there. It doesn't matter how established or new our clients and partners are - we're always on the lookout for new opportunities to collaborate and drive development.

Who We Are

What We Deliver

700,000 monthly users and growing.

✓ JobLookup is popular with both young and established professionals, with over 5,000 new registrations per month on average. Over 70% of our users are aged between 25-64.

High-Quality Traffic

  • 35% organic and social

  • 33% from our trusted partner network

  • 22% email campaigns

  • 10% sponsored advertising

High-Quality Traffic

70,000 Page Views per Day

✓ With two minute user engagement on average.

2 Million New Jobs Indexed per Month

✓ Across key sectors from well established large brands, and SMEs alike.

Diverse, High-Performance Posting

✓ Reach a diverse collection of skilled candidates in one place. Our top-performing sectors include IT, engineering, analytics, sales, media, HR, logistics, accounting, and more.

User-Friendly, Dynamic, Convenient

User-Friendly, Dynamic, Convenient

✓ Over 60% of jobseekers go mobile for their job search. Our site is optimised for mobile devices, and accessible on everything from tablets to desktops.

Practical, Engaging Content

✓ Out of over 500 million search results, our Ultimate Jobseeker Guide ranks in the top five of Google’s page one answers. Our blog ‘Explore’ offers extensive insights and advice for employers and jobseekers alike.

Responsive Support

✓ Whether you’re a jobseeker, client, or partner, our support team work hard to resolve all queries within 24 hours or less.

Responsive Support

Innovative Publisher Program

✓ Our publisher tools allow us to access unique and diverse traffic sources, while offering increased earning potential to blog owners and niche site operators.

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