I Think I’ve Received a Scam Email

Unfortunately, jobseekers are an attractive target for email scammers. There are a number of common scam types, as well as certain red flags, that can help you identify a scam email when you know what to look for.

  • JobLookup will never ask for your financial information. If you receive an email from a party pretending to be us, then contact us immediately, and we’ll look into it right away.
  • If you think an email is suspicious, NEVER open any attachments or follow any links. These are almost certain to contain viruses designed to steal your information.
  • Check for secure links - any legitimate company will take you to a secure link when asking for any personal information. Secure links begin with https://. The ‘s’ means the link is encrypted, and secure (you can see this in action at our login page). If you don’t see this at the start of a link you’ve been sent that is asking for some of your personal information, do not open it.
  • Does it make sense? While we can all have a bad day when it comes to spelling and grammar at times, any email from a legitimate company will generally be clearly written. If you receive an email that seems nonsensical or in extremely bad English, then treat it with caution.
  • If you’re not sure, check. Look up recruiters or companies that you’ve received the email from. If they aren’t legitimate or don’t exist, then you should be able to tell quite quickly.

If you’re still not sure about an email you’ve received, or need any additional help regarding a potential email scam, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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