How do I Manage notifications?

You can change your notification settings at any time; click here to see your active notifications.

Alternatively, you can login to your account and, after that, click on Notifications on the left-hand side menu. Can’t log in? Click here to reset your password

Create Notification

To create a new notification:

  1. Choose Create New Notification.
  2. Set the keyword and location, then click Save.

Not receiving notifications? Take a look at this article on how to enable notifications in the browser.

Pause Notifications

If you want to pause or stop your active notifications, simply click Pause All Notifications.

Alternatively, find the notification you want to pause or stop under Your Notifications and click the Remove button.

You can edit any existing notification by clicking the Improve button. Take a look at our advanced job notification guide for more details.

If you're still receiving notifications after stopping them, or have any other problems with the notifications you receive from us, please get in touch here.

Enrich Notifications Automatically

When this option is activated, JobLookup automatically creates job notifications for users based on their searches. This option is enabled by default; if you want to turn off these notifications, click on the Enrich my notifications automatically label to disable this functionality.


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