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Job Seeking After Long-term Unemployment

Guides, Jobseeker, Jobseekers / 18 January 2022

If you’ve taken an extended break from employment, perhaps due to childcare needs, caring responsibilities, travel or illness, re-entering the jobs market can be rather ... (Read More)

29 September 2021
The Great Resignation of 2021: What can employers do to retain their workforce?

The ‘Great Resignation’ is a growing trend among workers to hand in their resignation – or at least consider doing...

22 September 2021
Using Soft Skills to Stand Out in the Jobs Market

Soft skills are the behaviours, personality traits and qualities that we use to communicate and interact with other people. These...

14 September 2021
What is hybrid working and is it for you?

Whether you’re on the hunt for your first job, looking to move to a new employer, or out of work...

08 September 2021
Employers: Do you know how remote working has affected your younger workers?

While working remotely in response to the Covid-19 pandemic may have affected workers of all ages, should employers take an...

01 September 2021
Interview rejection: how to cope and what you can learn from it

Rejection is never an enjoyable experience. Interview rejection, after you’ve built up your hopes of landing a job and envisioned...

24 August 2021
Using Temporary Work to your Advantage as a Jobseeker

Temporary work – or temping – has often been looked down on as a second-rate alternative to permanent employment, but...

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