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Should You Get a Recruitment Certification?

Careers, Employer, Employers, Guides / 10 May 2021

Some people believe that you don’t need formal qualifications to be good at a job, and others believe it’s an essential pre-requisite that shows your ... (Read More)

05 June 2018
Pay Gap Between Old and Young Growing

Despite the introduction of the living wage back in 2016, which was aimed at ensuring young people were guaranteed the...

26 May 2018
Homebase Sold for £1

In business since 1979, Homebase has long been a staple for DIY enthusiasts all over the country. Originally set up...

06 April 2018
Companies with the Largest Gender Pay Gaps Exposed

Over the last decade, the pay gap between men and women has decreased consistently, especially in countries like the UK....

15 March 2018
Top Employers of 2018

Every year, the Top Employers Institute evaluates UK companies to see who has the best employee focused policies and environments....

08 February 2018
Gig Economy: Will Taylor Review Changes be Effective?

The gig economy is still relatively new territory for many employers, not to mention regulatory bodies. Still, it’s estimated that...

29 January 2018
Job Vacancies and Employment Levels Hit Record High

Brexit stills seems to be having little effect on the UK employment sector, as recent statistics from the ONS show...

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